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Apple iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus - Home button - Tlačidlo domov s funkciou späť (čierna)

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Final Edition 2 Universal Home Button (HX) Náhrada pre iPhone 7 8, iPhone 7 8 Plus | Fix Return Function


(HX)Final Edition 2 home button pre iPhone 7/8/7 Plus/ 8 Plus s funkciou return back - späť home button bude plne funkčný, bez funkcie Touch ID (otlačku prsta)



Final Edition 2 Universal Home Button Flex for iPhone 7 8 Plus with Return Home Function Solution Black White Gold Rose Gold Color
There are 4 colors : Black, White, Gold, Rose Gold.
Do you still worry about your broken home button for your iPhone 7/7p/8/8P?
The savior will come soon to save your phone. Just need to replace the old home button with my home button.
1. One home button universal compatible for all the models 7/7P/8/8P
2. Get back all the functions except the touch ID. After changed, it will work like 6G 6S home button:
   Press home button one time, back to home
   Press twice in succession, bring up the background running program
   Press home button for longer time, wake up Siri
   Press power button and home button at the same time, make screen capture
   Use heaphone normally 
3. Universal return key installation steps:
1--- Remove the screen
2--- Remove the old home button and install the universal home button. stick a small flex on the motherboard.
3--- After install it, set up your phone at the first time(open your bluetooth to fit it) 



















Typ iPhone 7 8, iPhone 7 8 Plus,

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